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September 27, 2021

GALAXY CRUISE unveils the secrets of merging galaxies

Captain Tanaka presented early results of his scientific analysis at the online "Shipboard Tea Party" on June 27, 2021. Enjoy the video and know why the Captain said, "GALAXY CRUISE is really great!" in his presentation. (Presentation in Japanese with English subtitles)


March 1, 2021

Morphological Classification of Galaxies

Captain Tanaka compared the classification results, elliptical or spiral, with Galaxy Zoo 2, a pioneering Citizen Astronomy project.
There are galaxies classified as spirals in GALAXY CRUISE but as ellipticals in Galaxy Zoo 2. They are galaxies whose spiral patterns are clearly seen only in GALAXY CRUISE.

Read the NEWS article on March 1, 2021


March 23, 2020

The Relationship Between the Morphology and the Brightness

Captain Tanaka has analyzed the classification data from 1052 Japanese Citizen Astronomers between November 11, 2019 and January 10, 2020.Previous studies have shown brighter galaxies have a higher proportion of ellipticals. The statistical analysis using the classification data from Citizen Astronomers shows the tendency that brighter galaxies have a higher percentage of ellipticals.
Read the NEWS article on March 23, 2020


The relationship between the morphology and the brightness of galaxies


The following Citizen Astronomers have each classified nearly 8,000 galaxies and completed Stage 10. In recognition of their efforts, we will publish their names here.
November 2019     ポチ
December 2019     しゅるる, morudon,  & NightSky
January 2020         Sereono, aoki, & クマさん
February 2020       mamy
March 2020           dokan
April 2020             sora0, & 天原御中之介
May 2020              ワンダー
June 2020              Bill
July 2020               伊藤那由多, & shima
August 2020         こやなぎ, miko, Sailor116, 陸奥, ぽんきち, Elena, & かんちゃん
September 2020    ヒデボウ, ossann, CD, Ripley, & hosinoooji
October 2020        さとゆみ, Victor Voloshin, & artlight
November 2020     Zver347, Kenチャン, A*, & Terry
December 2020     硅化木石, toshimi, ひげおやじ, kuronen, & kimu
January 2021         天文楽者, obsgxy, tatsu, & ロプロス Lopros
February 2021       SSB, Bonjin, nono, & namikura 
March 2021           kokutenn, marius jo, route16zakitaka, たつや, & ほしぞら
April 2021             としちゃん, & annajuliaperini
May 2021              Katarina Andrade
June 2021              vahid behmaram shahab
July 2021               atom, ashowkeyt, Itsuki, & 伊助さん
August 2021         コロスケ教授, Ella, M. Izzuddin, &Kavi_TheEarthling
September 2021    いおりんか
October 2021        Max Murdoch, kojitako, & gitei
November 2021     M.T.
December 2021     星野暉, CreatorSam, sereromi, Amit Raka, nac, & KN
Most of them continue to cruise in the “Beyond Stage 10 Course.”


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