Spiral and Ring Classification Catalog
(Shimakawa et al. 2024)

Morphological classification catalog of spiral and ring features of 687,859 magnitude-limited galaxies at z=0.01-0.3 from Shimakawa et al. 2024. The morphological classifications have been performed using deep convolutional neural network trained by the GALAXY CRUISE Data Release 1 (Tanaka et al. 2023). The catalog contains 385,449 spiral galaxies and 33,993 ring galaxies, respectively. More details can be found in the paper.
The catalog is available here (48.8 MB). The meaning of each column is as follows. Please cite Shimakawa et al. 2024 if you use the catalog in your publication.

name note
1 id object_id in HSC-SSP PDR3
2 id_sdss object_id in SDSS DR17
3 ra R.A. [deg] J2000
4 dec Dec. [deg] J2000
5 skymap_id skymap_id in HSC-SSP PDR3
6 sample sample class (main or sub; table 1)
7 z redshift
8 z_flag redshift flag (spec or phot)
9 prob_sp spiral probability
10 prob_rg ring probability
11 reduced_chisq reduced chi square in Mizuki
12 mstar stellar mass from Mizuki
13 mstar_err68min lower 68% confidence limit of mstar
14 mstar_err68max   upper 68% confidence limit of mstar
15 sfr SFR from Mizuki
16 sfr_err68min lower 68% confidence limit of sfr
17 sfr_err68max upper 68% confidence limit of sfr



1. Shimakawa, R., et al. "GALAXY CRUISE: Spiral and ring classifications for bright galaxies at z = 0.01-0.3" in Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan (PASJ) on January 29, 2024
2. Citizen Astronomers and AI Discover 30,000 Ring Galaxies (Subaru Telescope Science Results on March 13, 2024)


This research was financially supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 22H01270 and 22K14078.