Your mission as a Citizen Astronomer in GALAXY CRUISE is to travel around the Universe on a cruise ship and classify as many galaxies as possible.
Classify the galaxies that appear on the screen, making good use of the knowledge you gained through the three training sessions. When you complete one classification, the next galaxy will appear. Classify the galaxies one by one to visit all four towns and six continents in GALAXY CRUISE. As the voyage proceeds, you will earn some rewards.


About the Cruise Map

The cruise map is divided into 10 stages consisting of four towns and six continents. Each of these stages represents a survey field observed by Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) mounted on the Subaru Telescope. For your reference, the names of the survey fields used by researchers are also shown in the table below.

 Stage Town/Continent Constellation Survey Field
 Practice   Boötes Town Boötes AEGIS
   1        Cetus Centrum Town Cetus SXDS
   2        Pisces Town Pisces DEEP2
   3        Sextans Town Sextans COSMOS
   4   Draco Town Draco ELAIS
   5   Cetus Continent Cetus XMMS
   6   Hercules Continent Hercules HECTOMAP
   7   Virgo Occidentis Continent Virgo WIDE12h
   8   Hydra Continent Hydra GAMA09h
   9 Virgo Orientem Continent Virgo GAMA15h
 10   Aquarius Continent Aquarius VVDS

Every town or continent is divided into multiple areas. In each area, you will classify up to 30 randomly selected galaxies among which pre-specified by the Captain.
Visit all the stages to achieve a “Round-the-Universe” cruise!

Cruise map. As your voyage proceeds, the names of visited (completed) towns and continents will be displayed on the map. To see the map, click the “Voyage Log” icon after login. 

About Rewards

1. How to Earn Departure stamps (Completion of the Stages)

Each time you complete a stage (town or continent), a departure stamp will be added to your passport. To see the stamps you have collected, click the “Passport” icon after login. Try to collect all the departure stamps. If you collect all of them, you may then receive a special one as a bonus.

2. How to Earn Souvenirs (Area-Completion Rewards)

Each town and continent is divided into multiple areas*. You will earn a souvenir (commemorative illustration) each time you complete a certain number of areas. In stages 1 to 4, you will earn a souvenir for about every four areas you complete, and in stages 5 to 10, you will earn a souvenir for about every eight areas you complete. The souvenirs you can earn in each town and continent have various characteristics. To see the souvenirs you have collected, click the “Souvenirs” icon after login.
*Researchers call these areas “tracts,” each of which serves as a spatial unit for data analysis.


3. How to Upgrade Your Cabin

Every Citizen Astronomer starts with a fourth-class cabin. As the number of completed stages increases, your cabin will be upgraded. See if you can earn a first-class cabin by classify galaxies. If you click the “Voyage Log” icon after login, you can see your cabin class.

4. About Rankings

You can see how other crew members are progressing on their voyages. Click “Rankings” on the menu bar after login and display the hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly ranking. Your positions in the weekly and monthly rankings respectively are calculated based on how many galaxies you have classified during each week starting from Monday at midnight (JST) and each month starting from its first day.