Your mission as a Citizen Astronomer in GALAXY CRUISE is to travel around the Universe on a cruise ship and classify as many galaxies as possible.
Classify the galaxies that appear on the screen, making good use of the knowledge you gained through the three training sessions. When you complete one classification, the next galaxy will appear. Classify the galaxies one by one to visit all four major islands and six archipelagos in GALAXY CRUISE. As the voyage proceeds, you will earn some rewards.
Your classification results will be statistically analyzed by the Captain and other researchers and will be used to aid in real studies on galaxies.


Cruise Map

The cruise map is divided into four major islands (small survey fields) and six archipelagos (large survey fields). Some archipelagos are further divided into multiple islands. Each of these islands represents a survey field observed by Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) mounted on the Subaru Telescope. For your reference, the Deep Quest island names, the names of the survey fields used by researchers, and the corresponding names of stages in Season 1 are shown in the table below.

Name in Deep Quest Name in Season 1 Constellation Survey Field
 Boötes Island

Boötes Town
(Practice Course)
 Mira Island

Cetus Centrum Town
(Stage 1)
 Sextans Island

Sextans Town
(Stage 3)
 Draco Island

Draco Town
(Stage 4)
 Pisces Island

Pisces Town
(Stage 2)
 Hydra Archipelago
   (Caputo, Corpus, and
    Cauda Islands)
Hydra Continent
(Stage 7)

 Virgo Orientem Archipelago
  (Alcyone, Celaeno, Asterope,
  and Merope Islands)
Virgo Orientem Continent
(Stage 9)

 Virgo Occidentis Archipelago
  (Maia, Electora, and
  Taygete Islands)
Virgo Occidentis Continent
(Stage 8)

 Cetus Archipelago

Cetus Continent
(Stage 5)
 Aquarius Archipelago
  (Amphora, Aqua, and
  Ichthy Islands)
Aquarius Continent
(Stage 10)

 Hercules Archipelago Hercules Continent
(Stage 6)

Every island or archipelago is divided into multiple areas. In each area, you will classify up to 30 randomly selected galaxies from among those pre-selected by the Captain.
Visit all the islands to achieve a “Round-the-Universe” cruise!

The cruise map for Deep Quest (Season 2). Although the survey fields where you classify galaxies are the same as in Season 1, the map has been completely redesigned. (Credit: NAOJ)
Season 1 cruise map

Cruise Itinerary

1. Unlock Shaded Islands with Fellow Citizen Astronomers

At the departure of Deep Quest, almost all islands are locked. As shown in the cruise map below, the islands shaded in gray are locked and cannot be accessed. The red highlight indicates the “active” island (the first active island is Mira Island), where the most recently unlocked and active classification is taking place. Once sufficient classification results have been gathered in the active island, access to the next island or archipelago will be unlocked. Unlocking access to all the islands is a team effort by all Citizen Astronomers. Islands that are already unlocked can be viewed in the cruise map after you log in by clicking on the “Voyage Log” icon.

The cruise map at the departure of Deep Quest. All but two islands, Mira Island and Boötes Island, are locked. Boötes Island is where the practice course is located. The red highlight indicates the “active” island (Mira Island in the case of this map). In Season 1, your map changed depending on your personal progress; in contrast in Deep Quest, your map will change depending on the overall progress of the entire crew. (Credit: NAOJ)
*In the actual cruise, Mira, Sextans, and Draco Islands are unlocked from the beginning. Pisces Island and all archipelagos are locked.
For example, once enough classification results have been gathered for every galaxy in Draco Island, access to Pisces Island will be unlocked. When a new island or archipelago is unlocked, a message like the one shown in the following image will appear on the classification screen. (If you are not logged in at that moment, the message will appear the next time you log in.)
Pisces Island is unlocked.

  When a new island is unlocked, a message like the one shown in the image will appear on the classification screen. (Credit: NAOJ)

2. Your Itinerary will Change Depending on Your Progress

In Deep Quest, the next island or archipelago you go to will differ depending on your personal progress. After you complete an island or an archipelago, you will go to the “active” place, where classification is conducted most actively. That is, you do not necessarily travel from Mira Island to Hercules Archipelago in order.
Example itinerary if you classify galaxies at an average pace
       Mira Island  Sextans Island Draco Island 
Example itinerary if you classify galaxies faster than average
       Mira Island Sextans Island an already completed island or archipelago (before Draco Island is unlocked)
        Draco Island (after Draco Island is unlocked)
Example itinerary if you classify galaxies more leisurely than average
       Mira Island Draco Island (the active island at the time you complete Mira Island)



1. How to Earn Departure stamps (Completion of the Stages)

Each time you complete a major island or an archipelago, a departure stamp will be added to your passport. To see the stamps you have collected, click the “Passport” icon after login. Try to collect all the departure stamps. If you collect all of them, you may then receive a special one as a bonus. 

2. How to Earn Souvenirs (Area-Completion Rewards)

Every time you classify 30 galaxies, you receive a piece of a puzzle as a souvenir. Collected pieces can be viewed after you log in by clicking the “souvenir” icon. Collect all the pieces and complete the puzzle. Altogether there are 12 puzzles (galaxy images captured by HSC), and each of them consists of 20 pieces.

3. How to Upgrade Your Cabin

Every Citizen Astronomer starts with a fourth-class cabin. As the number of completed stages increases, your cabin will be upgraded. See if you can earn a first-class cabin by classify galaxies. If you click the “Voyage Log” icon after login, you can see your cabin class.

4. Completion and Boarding Certificates

Once you complete all the islands, from Mira Island to Hercules Archipelago, you will receive a special Completion Certificate.
A Boarding Certificate will also be issued to every Citizen Astronomers when the number of classification results in Hercules Archipelago, the last to be unlocked, reaches a particular threshold. Even after the Boarding Certificates are issued, however, Deep Quest will continue for some time, so even if you have yet to complete some islands or archipelagos, you can still earn the Completion Certificate.

5. About Rankings

You can see how other crew members are progressing on their voyages. Click “Rankings” on the menu bar after login to display the hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rankings. Your positions in the weekly and monthly rankings respectively are calculated based on how many galaxies you have classified during each week starting from Monday at midnight (JST) and each month starting from its first day.